ORS Tea Tree Anti Bump Spray 4.5 oz


Use this spray after shaving to protect your skin's health. This spray is formulated to cleanse the skin effectively and subsequently play a role in boosting skin's defense against clipper and razor bumps. Helps stave off razor and clipper bumps. Excellent for use in the nape area. Can be used on neck, face and head.


How to use

1. After any close haircut, hold bottle 2-3 inches from nape/neck area and spray lightly.

2. After shaving spray 2-3 sprays into palm of hand, rub together and apply to shaved area; head or face.


Ingredients :

Tea Tree Oil: For centuries Australian Aborigines used Australian

Tea Tree Oil for its skin health qualities. Tea Tree Oil helps to calm and cleanse the skin, effectively staying where it is applied.

ORS Tea Tree Anti Bump Spray

  • ORS Tea Tree Anti Bump Spray

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